How racing with Highclere gives you the edge

7th December, 2018

Sport is meant to be enjoyed, but regardless of whether you are a fan or participant, it is not always meant to be easy.

Particularly in 2018, regardless of the code, sport can often seem too much like a business where cash is king, with all the usual logistics of any company to work through behind the scenes. And while that rings true in many respects – to grow any product, let alone in sport – an underpinning value of those immersed in their respective sport should always be passion.

If there is no passion, there tends to be little motivation and little care. And that is a big problem.

To be successful in the horse racing industry, that drive must be shared between thoroughbred owner, trainer, stable lads, and, on race, day, jockey. It is a team effort in every respect, just like any other sport.

But just like the others, there is plenty to be considered on and off the track by all parties, not least the owners.

Expert management, dedicated owner care and interaction is why horses have been so successful in the ardent Highclere stable; the numbers do all the talking.

528 overall winners. 10 Royal Ascot winners. 7 champions. Impressive on anyone’s watch.

Founded in 1992, originally in the United Kingdom before branching out in Australia, the know-how of Highclere Racing provides all the tools passionate horsemen and women need to thrive in their passion for racing.

Share ownership in a Highclere syndicate ensures enjoyment of racing, but crucially, means that fun can be as streamlined as possible.

“Your first price you pay includes everything: the cost of the horse, training, the vets, our fees, everything through to the end of training with that horse,” Highclere chairman Harry Herbert on the share buying process.

“I think people really like that. They like paying the upfront fee, we can’t ask for any more, other than that second and third year payments.”

Highclere has also produced seven world champions: Lake Coniston, Delilah, Tamarisk, Petrushka, Motivator, Memory and Harbinger, who were all spotted by the eagle-eyed horseman John Warren, and meticulously trained thereafter.

The horses are trained by some of the best in the business, including Chris Waller, David and Ben Hayes and Tom Dabernig, Bjorn Baker, Ciaron Maher and David Eustase, as well the famed Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott combination.

Simply buying a share unlocks access to those trainers’ wealth of experience and expertise – things as simple as a dictionary of racing jargon - and once applied is collated and relayed back to the share owner by specialised race manager, Dane Robinson.

His duty is to alert the share owner when their horse is entered in a race, detail pre and post-race analysis, including recovery and book tickets for race day, among other things.

Owners also have access to their own racing administration and finance manager, tasked with looking after the inevitable behind the scenes tasks that often present challenges: financials, legal compliance and the like.

A beat will never be missed in documenting the horse’s progress in what is usually a two to three-year journey.

“I trust Highclere, it’s a complete package,” share owner Carrie Price said.

“It’s a really interesting way of being able to have horses in the UK and Australia and they offer amazing opportunities to go and race both here and in the UK.”

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